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In an era of clickbait and lifehacks and listicles, topics like grief, joy, and friendship may not be nabbing headlines, but they’re critically important: important to understanding the people we’ve been, the people we are, and the people we might become. In these free-wheeling conversations-with-self, author r.r. campbell embraces what it means to live life unscripted, unedited, and unafraid by ruminating on the nature of identity, self-care, the creative process, and more.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Sassy! - Just Me 014

    This episode has it all: *your* takes on puzzles, Neighbor Watch, Part Two: A Trip Around the Block, a resolution to the Tent City Mystery, and some thoughts on Occam's Razor. All aboard; the sass train is (probably) about to leave the station. Choo-choo. Topics ...


  2. The Great Puzzle Rant - Just Me 013

    Puzzles! Don't get me started. Well, *I* get me started and have a really hard time stopping. And even once the rant concludes, strap in: it's time for the first ever Neighbor Watch™ and the inaugural installment of Tent City Mystery. Topics discussed include: puzzles, ...


  3. On Switching Brushes - Just Me 012

    In an episode recorded following my second-every foray into the realm of painting, we invoke a number of brush-and-canvas-related metaphors to prop up a conversation about adapting instead of frustration-quitting our way through life. Topics discussed include: shower frequency, painting, Trogdor the Conversationalist, future of ...


  4. The Lacey-sode - Just Me 011

    Okay, we need to talk about skeletons again, but only for a few minutes, I promise. Also—and more importantly—Lacey joins me for a conversation about respect, time management, and, because they're recurring themes, mindfulness and empathy. So, yes, it's not so much a "Just Me" ...


  5. "I Like the Skeleton Prompt" - Just Me 010

    Maybe it's not that we're failing to learn; it's that we're learning in ways we didn't expect. Topics discussed include: favorites and their intersection with evolutionary biology, the skeleton who lives inside you, fatal flaws, failed projects, and learning to be patient with oneself ...