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In an era of clickbait and lifehacks and listicles, topics like grief, joy, and friendship may not be nabbing headlines, but they’re critically important: important to understanding the people we’ve been, the people we are, and the people we might become. In these free-wheeling conversations-with-self, author r.r. campbell embraces what it means to live life unscripted, unedited, and unafraid by ruminating on the nature of identity, self-care, the creative process, and more.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Talk to Me! - Just Me 020

    I know it says "Just Me" in the title, but let's make this show more of a "Just We," shall we? Share with me what it is you're excited about, what has you worried, what you're tussling with; I'd love to feature it on the show. ...


  2. Just Have Fun! (The D&D Episode) - Just Me 019

    Sometimes, you just have to have fun. In this episode, we do just that by talking all things Dungeons and Dragons, or at least all things related to my recent decision to retire a character and embrace a new one who's better suited for dungeon crawling. ...


  3. Reckonings on Race in Publishing - Just Me 018

    In the aftermath of the most recent conversations about the appropriation of marginalized voices in the publishing industry, I explore what white authors might do to avoid problematic or harmful depictions in their work, or to avoid appropriating the stories of others altogether. To do so, I explore ...


  4. What the Heck's a Hypercorrection? - Just Me 017

    It takes a minute to get there, but, whoa, do we really take some big strides in this one. After a visit from a yowling cat, we dive into developing more nuanced understandings of egocentrism and belonging, and we explore hypercorrections linguistically and in general. ...


  5. With All Apologies to Jugglers - Just Me 016

    Sorry, jugglers. I really blew it. Or maybe I didn't? You'll have to let me know. In this episode, I borrow deeply from my perceptions of juggler lore to explore when, exactly, we should attempt to juggle "all the things," as well as how ...