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In an era of clickbait and lifehacks and listicles, topics like grief, joy, and friendship may not be nabbing headlines, but they’re critically important: important to understanding the people we’ve been, the people we are, and the people we might become. In these free-wheeling conversations-with-self, author r.r. campbell embraces what it means to live life unscripted, unedited, and unafraid by ruminating on the nature of identity, self-care, the creative process, and more.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. "I Like the Skeleton Prompt" - Just Me 010

    Maybe it's not that we're failing to learn; it's that we're learning in ways we didn't expect. Topics discussed include: favorites and their intersection with evolutionary biology, the skeleton who lives inside you, fatal flaws, failed projects, and learning to be patient with oneself ...


  2. Becoming, but Make It Clichéd - Just Me 009

    Let's wax metaphorical about butterflies, vacations, and stumbling into becoming the person we never thought we'd become. Why? Because "every journey begins with a single step," and, oh no, I am become cliché, undercutter of theses. Topics discussed include: vacation planning, choosing a life major, ...


  3. Much Ado About Socks and Expectations - Just Me 008

    Who wears socks to bed? I know you're out there, and when I find you, well, everything will be okay because, if I can be honest for a minute here, I do sometimes, too. Topics discussed include: socks to bed, processing feedback, the agent game, ...


  4. Catharsis or Something - Just Me 007

    This episode endeavors to be the tock to last week's tick, a free-wheeling counterbalance to a more planned affair. Topics discussed include: catharsis, relatability corner, The Big Lebowski but with a pet iguana instead of a rug, control and knowing when to cede it ...


  5. The Quest for Empathy - Just Me 006

    It's a long road to self-actualization. Sometimes we falter, fail, or flounder, and we have to be okay with that. I'm trying to be, anyway. What is it they say, again? Right. "An attempt was made." We just do better next time. Topics discussed include: ...